Capathia Jenkins Gives It Her All

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Capathia Jenkins holds nothing back when she performs. The Brooklyn-born and raised actress and singer, who made her Broadway debut in The Civil War, will prove that truism when she returns to Cabaret Jazz May 9-10.

Jenkins is an on-again, off-again performer, but only in the geographical sense. She excels on Broadway and off-Broadway and can stop the show in either locale. Her numbers in the musicals Newsies, Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me and the 2000 off-Broadway revival of Godspell are examples of show-stopping moments.

Jenkins' passions are acting and singing, and she is committed to both. No need for compromise when both are part of her soul...and both stir audiences. Her approach to singing is the same as her approach to acting. She is the artist, incorporating subtlety and nuance in a song, while simultaneously adding the melody, harmony and rhythm. The end result is taking her audience on a journey that reveals not only the artist, but the larger universe. "You have to be a good actor to be able to be a good singer," she notes.

As a child, she began singing in church (as well as in the bathroom with her hair brush as a microphone!). As a young girl, she studied how to sing classically, how to breathe, and how to place notes. Jenkins attended the High School of Music and Art in New York, and then went to Temple University for a jazz program. From there, it was auditions and ultimately, theatrical success.

While she is sharing her life experiences on stage at Cabaret Jazz, it's not hard to recognize an artist who is grateful to her family and teachers while growing up. "I had a pretty good childhood, I had great teachers in school," she recalls in an interview. "My music teacher from third grade still comes to see my shows on Broadway. She's one of the reasons why I do what I do. Told my mom she thought this little girl had some talent and she should nurture it."

The nurturing, studying, and perseverance have paid off. All the way from Brooklyn to Broadway.

Capathia Jenkins performed in May of 2016 in Myron’s Cabaret Jazz.