Fitting a Room Like a Glove: That's DeSare Slipping on Cabaret Jazz

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Why are Tony DeSare and Cabaret Jazz the perfect fit? How can Tony DeSare and Cabaret Jazz meet in the middle, March 25-26, each complementing the other and enhancing the performance of both?

DeSare is the young torchbearer for the Great American Songbook. He’s a performer in his thirties who handles standards from the thirties — and other decades — in a spectacular yet understated manner. That’s part of the key to his success, making the songbook from the 20th century (and other song genres) appear easy to perform.

Some reviewers have compared him to a cross between Sinatra and Michael Bublé, but he is his own man, with his own style and naturalness that he brings to any song from the likes of Sinatra, Prince, Mercer, and McCartney.

He was named a “Rising Star Male Vocalist” in Downbeat magazine; has performed in Carnegie Hall; and has recorded three top ten Billboard jazz albums. It’s the combination of DeSare’s singing, songwriting and piano playing that rounds out his artistry.

DeSare, as an original songwriter, is able to integrate his own material into his performance of the American masters at Cabaret Jazz without missing a beat. It all fits like a glove.

Cabaret Jazz fits him like a glove as well. The intimate 240-seat venue has a style of its own. It is intimate and elegant and easygoing (just like DeSare) with the acoustics to complement him as he romps through the Great American Songbook, his original material and any other genre he chooses. That’s the perfect fit.

In any city, it’s the room plus the artist that creates the magic. At The Smith Center, Cabaret Jazz and Tony DeSare are working hand in glove to present an evening of unforgettable music.

Tony DeSare performed in March of 2016 in Myron’s Cabaret Jazz.