From Broadway to Paul Anka, This Group Sees It All

Inside the Theater

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Taking Advantage of Group Tickets at The Smith Center

On any given day, Marise Mizel can be found researching Smith Center shows, taking ticket orders and confirming which groups in her retirement community are dying to see upcoming productions.

“I’ve always got tickets and bus schedules in my hand,” she says with a laugh.

No, Mizel doesn’t work for The Smith Center sales office.

The vibrant 77-year-old in fact serves as president of the Sun City Summerlin Travel Club, which entails organizing regular group trips to shows for the 250 club members.

Most of these trips, she notes, are to The Smith Center.

“As long as we get enough people in our group, we come to The Smith Center as much as we can,” she says. “It’s a fun night out and we all really enjoy it. For awhile last year, we were there almost every single night.”

There are many benefits to purchasing Smith Center tickets for groups of 10 or more, which can include outings for friends, families, social clubs, corporate groups and more.

Purchasing group tickets includes perks such as discounted pricing and flexibility with changing seats.

“It’s been a great experience,” Mizel says of buying group tickets for her club throughout the year. “We go to any show where I can get enough people interested.”


Broadway Subscriptions for All

To take advantage of group packages at The Smith Center, Mizel maintains a whopping 29 subscriptions to the Broadway Las Vegas Series® for her community club, with all of the seats side by side.

“Having these subscriptions allows for different people to go to different shows,” she says. “Everyone loves the Broadway series.”

Mizel also closely monitors non-Broadway shows headed to The Smith Center and updates club members each month on upcoming shows they could enjoy together.

In addition to taking group members to “The Bodyguard – The Musical” in late November, the club will also likely see Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth in December and comedian Paula Poundstone in January at The Smith Center.

“Most of the shows I’m picking, because I want to go to them,” says Mizel with a laugh. “But many people in our age group, they kind of get stuck in a box. This is a chance for them to get out and try something new.”


Good for the Group

Comprised of many seniors, Mizel’s community club finds The Smith Center a convenient destination for outings, with its special wheelchair seating and assistive listening devices for those who are hard of hearing.

“If you have a walker or a wheelchair, they really help you,” Mizel says, adding that she schedules bus transportation so group members don’t need to drive. “It’s easy in, easy out.”

She also appreciates how The Smith Center will hold tickets for her as she confirms all of the people in her group who are interested in attending.

“That has really helped,” she says. “As our club meets once a month, I need some lead time.”

Above all, she enjoys how these group outings allow club members to share in thrilling and even inspiring experiences together.

“It’s just an absolutely enjoyable evening,” she says. “I don’t think there’s been any show there my (group members) have not enjoyed.”


Take Your Own Group

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