How Riding a Mechanical Bull on Stage Can Be Empowering

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Night of Comedy and Empowerment in One-Woman Show

When Dixie Longate last brought her sassy comedy stylings to The Smith Center with one-woman show “Dixie’s Tupperware Party,” Las Vegas audiences laughed, bonded on stage, and walked away with some quality food-storage containers.

With Dixie now returning, the Southern belle promises a night of revelry, comedy and even empowerment with her latest show “Never Wear a Tube Top While Riding a Mechanical Bull,” running September 11 to 16 at The Smith Center.

If that title makes you curious, then read our interview below with Dixie – a Drama Desk nominee who performs worldwide – as she discusses the show and her tips for an epic night out.


The premise of your new show sounds one-of-a-kind — what’s the inspiration behind it?

It is a lot of fun. Everything you ever need to know in life you can learn by riding a mechanical bull – that’s what my mother always said, and she was right.

The whole show takes place in my best friend Georgia Jean’s honky-tonk. It starts the day after she goes off on her honeymoon, and I’m taking care of her honky-tonk while she’s in Mexico. The audience is a group of revelers on their way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and they come in seeking shelter from a hurricane.

So, everyone is sitting in my honky-tonk and I start sharing stories from a night of drinking, and it all develops.


What kind of experience can audiences expect?

It’s going to be an evening of laughter and an evening of being uplifted. I talk about wearing your own crown and being your own person and doing something truly great with your life.

It’s fun and empowering, and everyone needs that right now. Everyone needs a reason to laugh and a reason to feel good about themselves.


The title of your show mentions a mechanical bull. Will there be a mechanical bull on stage… And will you be riding it?

Why would you be in a honky-tonk without a mechanical bull? That’s a waste of an afternoon. Yes, there will be a mechanical bull and I’ll do my best to get on it and show everyone a trick or two.


What are your tips for having an unforgettable night out?

I think that the best things to do when you have a night out is to support your friends and do something crazy and fun and go have an adventure. Everyone can always go and do something boring and bland, so go do something you never thought you would do.


Are you planning to do anything special when you visit Vegas?

Vegas is one of the coolest places in the world. Whenever I go there I see all the different shows and eat at every restaurant I can and have some drinks and find someone to make out with behind a dumpster.


You’ve performed your comedy shows around the world! How do other countries respond to the kinds of American culture you portray, like Tupperware parties and honky-tonks?

It’s funny, I’ve done my “Tupperware” show in a lot of different countries. Tupperware is sold in over 100 countries worldwide, so everybody has an association with it, but different countries have a different perspective.

I was performing that show in Australia at the beginning of the year, and Tupperware is as huge to Australians right now as it was to Americans in the ’60s and ‘70s. Everyone is going to Tupperware parties. So before I would even say something during the show, people would start cheering, “I know that piece!” and “I have that and I have that!”


And will there be any Tupperware appearances during the “Tube Top” show?

I’ll have a couple pieces and play some Tupperware games at the end – I’m the Tupperware girl, it’s just always around me! I think people are going to have more fun than you can shake a stick at.


“Dixie’s Never Wear a Tube Top While Riding a Mechanical Bull” was a part of the 2018-2019 season.