More Than a Numbers Game for The Smith Center’s New Grant Writer

Community Impact

Dolores Hauck has changed a lot of lives through the years.

The Philadelphia native kicked off her career building resources for elementary schools as a grant writer for Santa Barbara Unified School District. Now a 30-year resident of Las Vegas, Hauck went on to work for United Way of Southern Nevada, where she helped create and fund local education and health initiatives, and even influenced public policy on education.

If that weren’t enough, she also serves on a task force for the Nevada Department of Education to increase opportunities for federal and state funding for arts in education programs.

Hauck has brought her go-getter spirit to her new role as grant writer for The Smith Center. Passionate about the arts and supporting the community, she embraces this new opportunity.

Do you have any personal connection to the performing arts?

(When I was growing up), our family did not have a television. We grew up with books and art materials and musical instruments, and that was our environment. We were very community oriented — we went out and what we learned we gave back to the community. We went to nursing homes and sang for the residents. We always had to be engaged with something that was creative and productive.

How do grants play a role with nonprofits like The Smith Center?

Grants to me are really a way for people to feel empowered and for organizations to feel their next dream can be envisioned and executed. I don’t feel they box you into just a numbers game. It’s really where you leverage your assets and your expertise, you share it and other people join in that cause.

Your role includes applying for national grants. Do you think The Smith Center stands out in competing for these?

Absolutely. We’re pushing into the next phase, where we are now the model for how to bring a community together through redevelopment, and through the location being so close to the Strip and yet being so different. We’re really able to be flexible and unique and creative, and that’s fully encouraged in this community.

Will grant funding target specific programs or overall operations at The Smith Center?

You can demonstrate the value of programs when you apply for funding, but the most important piece is the sustainability of an organization that allows it to grow and allows it to target audiences. (This gives The Smith Center) the footing and the expertise to be an umbrella that really includes everyone and all art forms.

What can community members do to help you?

Just staying involved and engaged in feeling they can come to The Smith Center with their ideas, and that we’re receptive. We want to know from every age and every demographic, how can we be a part of your life?

What has been your favorite show so far at The Smith Center?

My husband and I loved “DRUMLine Live.” Everyone was on their feet, the building was absolutely vibrating and rocking, and you saw every age enjoying the showmanship and being very friendly with each other. We are coming to the next performance of “DRUMLine Live” in January 2017.