Smith Center Employees Share Top Picks of the 2019/20 Broadway Season

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Show logo collage from the 2019-2020 Broadway Las Vegas series


Broadway Fans Give Their Insight

New subscriptions are now available for The Smith Center’s 2019-2020 Broadway Las Vegas Series — and this season will truly present the best of Broadway.

The highly anticipated 10-show lineup — with nine, eight and seven-show packages also available — offers all of Broadway’s recent top Tony Award winners and contenders, including titles on first-run tours fresh from the Broadway stage.

Season ticket holders are not only guaranteed tickets to a year’s worth of shows, but they will also enjoy special benefits such as 20-percent savings on non-Broadway shows, priority access for additional tickets and seat upgrades, and more.

Intrigued? Then check out what real Broadway fans have to say.

Many Smith Center employees have experienced the new season’s productions on Broadway and around the world, and they were eager to share their thoughts below on what makes each show so unforgettable.



Suzanne Chabre, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Even having no familiarity with the animated movie, I was wowed by this production. The visuals were so stunning, I can see why the show was nominated for a Tony for Best Costume Design. I think people of all ages can enjoy a break from reality to get swept up in this romantic and uplifting story – that’s why I’ve already bought tickets for my niece and nephew!



Alecia Westmorland, Communications Manager

I can’t say enough about the imagination and creativity behind this musical. The dazzling set pieces took the production to a whole new level of theater, and many of the songs have such a fun, strong hook. I still constantly play “Defying Gravity” on my iPod. I also personally appreciate the show’s message that empowers audience members to have self-confidence and love themselves just as they are, something we all need to hear every now and then.


“Jesus Christ Superstar”

Michael Laurita, Senior Manager, Donor Relations

I have been a fan of this show since I was a kid. The music is so powerful, and as a rock opera, it sounds like no other Broadway music you will ever hear. You do not have to be religious to enjoy this show, as it’s really a story of love, betrayal and triumph. This is a must-see show, if just for the score, alone.


“How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Jen Flood-Carle, Senior Marketing Manager

This show transports you to Whoville with all its magic! The sets and costumes are lively and colorful, and make you feel like you’re in a fantasy land. And the character of the Grinch is so well done you’ll think you were watching the movie.

Las Vegas audiences will also be among just a few cities to experience this production during the holidays, as The Smith Center will be one of just a handful of performance venues nationwide to present the show during its exclusive, limited holiday tour.


“Escape to Margaritaville”

Debby Urbauer, Director, Theater Operations

I walked into this show with no expectations, and what I discovered was a production that is pure, get-on-your-feet-and-dance fun. With a score of all Jimmy Buffett songs, you can groove to all the tunes you know and love, and you will still enjoy the show even if you don’t know his music well. Plus, I left the theater smiling from the happy ending!


“The SpongeBob Musical”

Rayanne Ballaro, Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

Not only is this a musical for those who are young, but also for those young at heart – regardless of whether they’ve seen the TV show! From the colorful and playful set to the Foley sound designer creating characters’ sound effects on stage, you will be transported to a creative and whimsical place.

This show also approached its score like a cohesive mixtape, featuring songs by popular artists like Panic! At the Disco, John Legend, and Lady Antebellum (to name a few), so the musical has everything from mainstream pop to country to rap to glam rock. Let your imagination take hold, and dive down to Bikini Bottom!


“Once on This Island”

Harrison Harvey, Associate Director, Hospitality

I thought “Once on This Island” was beyond brilliant when I witnessed it in on Broadway. From the sound to the lighting, the costumes and of course the cast, all worked seamlessly together and  transported you to a different world. Wait until you see the set! The music of the Tony-winning songwriting team Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty does not disappoint. “Mama Will Provide” will have you dancing in your seat. This show is well deserving of its 2018 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical!


“Mean Girls”

John McCoy, Director of Marketing

“Mean Girls” is a hilarious new musical that ingeniously weaves an outrageously funny storyline into the sometimes harsh life lessons of growing up and finding yourself. Each carefully crafted character in the show will remind you of your own high school jungle whether that was last week or classmates of yesteryear. It’s super fetch, and fetch is a good thing - you don’t want to miss this show.


“The Band’s Visit”

Paul Beard, COO

This show has really gotten a lot of respect and acclaim, and it deserves all of it. The producer took a risk with this show, because he really believed in its theme that if you bring people together who are on ostensibly opposite sides of the political spectrum, they’ll find their common humanity. This production is subtle, nuanced and smart, and really has a lot of depth.