The Heart of Education Awards – Recognizing Unsung Education Heroes

Education and Outreach

There are incredible stories of how many teachers go above and beyond the call of duty in the classroom. For instance, the other day Spotlight was told a story about a teacher who noticed a student was struggling in their class. After watching the student, the teacher realized the problem was that the student was having a hard time seeing the blackboard. However, it wasn’t enough to move the student closer, they needed glasses. Understanding that the parents couldn’t afford glasses, the teacher arranged for an appointment and a pair of glasses for the student using the teacher’s own money. There was an immediate positive response. And that’s just one of many stories about the selfless efforts shown by numerous educators in our community. The public needs to know about and recognize these teachers.

Inspired by a program created by George Stevens (producer of the Kennedy Center Honors and The Smith Center PBS special) at the Kennedy Center, which has been credited with helping teacher recruitment and retention in the DC area, The Smith Center and The Rogers Foundation have come together to create a program that aspires to do the same for education champions in Clark County – The Heart of Education Awards.

The awards were announced earlier this week during Clark County School District’s annual school year kick-off. Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, the awards will assist with honoring, recruiting, and retaining great educators. Finalists will receive an invitation to the awards gala complete with red carpet, swag bags, and world-class entertainment. The highlight of the evening will be the awards presentation to approximately 20 teachers who will each take home $5,000 in appreciation of their outstanding work. Nominations and submissions will open in October, so get thinking about the academic heroes you know and make sure to tell us their story.