This Budd's For You! Julie Salutes Sinatra

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It’s a twofer truism: You can take the singer out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the singer; you can take the singer out of Hoboken, but you can’t take Hoboken out of the singer.

And that’s a good thing -- a case of one authentic artist acknowledged by another when Julie Budd performs April 15-16 at Cabaret Jazz. “JULIE BUDD: REMEMBERING MR. SINATRA” is not simply a salute, but a connection as well. Julie opened for Sinatra at Caesars Palace in the 70’s when she was 17. “Frank taught me about stage presence and lighting...the importance or the honesty of the material. Always picking material that was really right for you,” she recounted in an interview.

It is the artist’s commitment to quality in performance and song selection that has fueled Julie, a commitment honed from an early age. She began her professional career at the age of twelve in a Catskill Mountains talent show, went on to television (beginning with Merv Griffin, where she made more than 100 appearances), film, New York City concert halls and theatrical stages, and appearing with some of the greatest symphony orchestras throughout the country and around the world. And she worked with many notable Las Vegas entertainers, including Frank Sinatra, Joan Rivers, George Burns, and Liberace, who was a close friend.

It is the Sinatra connection, however, that makes her current tribute a meaningful artistic endeavor. And what she learned from the “Chairman of the Board,” complemented by her talent and personality, makes the case for quality.

The candles may have been blown out on Mr. Sinatra’s 100th birthday, but Julie is still serving the birthday cake. After all, she’s got the world on a string and she’s got Sinatra songs that she sings. All the way.

Julie Budd performed in April of 2016 in Myron’s Cabaret Jazz.