Top 5 Reasons To See A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder

Performances and Artists

#1 – It won universal raves from critics, including The New York Times, which called it “HILARIOUS AND INSPIRED!” and The Hollywood Reporter, which said it “RESTORES OUR FAITH IN MUSICAL COMEDY!” A fine critic at NPR even said he’d “NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD AT A BROADWAY MUSICAL!” (Can you believe they laugh at NPR?!)

#2 – It features the same actor dying eight different times in eight hilariously different ways. (That’s more than most people die in a whole lifetime! Who knew that death could be hilarious?)

#3 – When your friends can’t stop talking about the hottest new show in town, you’ll know exactly what they mean! (You won’t have to Google it while they’re not looking.)

#4 – It’s guaranteed to give you something new to hum in the shower. The New York Times says, “It has one of the MOST ACCOMPLISHED SCORES to be heard in the past dozen years”

And just in case you’re still not convinced… #5 – IT WON THE 2014 TONY AWARD® FOR BEST MUSICAL! (‘Nuff said.)

A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder was a part of the 2015-2016 season.