Students dancing and participating in a master class.
Learn and Engage

Master Classes and Workshops

“The arts connect learning, thinking, and meaning in a way few other things do, because they touch our souls and develop our humanity simultaneous to pushing us intellectually. This master class was an experience that will live in the hearts and minds of my students forever. Thank you for making this powerful learning experience possible.”
-Jeanine Tegano Collins, Participating Teacher

The Smith Center presents exceptional opportunities for students and teachers to participate in master classes, workshops, dress rehearsals and talkback opportunities with leading performers and nationally acclaimed teaching artists. With a wide range of experiences spanning ballet, acting, contemporary dance, jazz, instrumental music, musical theater and more, this direct engagement with professional performers provides a priceless lesson for any aspiring artist.

Contact the Education and Outreach Department for more information or to register your interest in future opportunities.

“We are so encouraged by the opportunity to learn more about movement, music and how they can create dance together. We will continue to explore more as a class!”

Participating Teacher