Teaching Artists Videos

Our Teaching Artists Bring the Arts to Your Home

Many look to music, theater, dance, storytelling and numerous more artforms to lift their spirits and find inspiration during challenging times. Although The Smith Center’s theaters remain dark and outreach programs are on hold, its team members can still help community members embrace the arts at home. With the help of our talented Smith Center teaching artists, we’ve developed a series of short, entertaining videos to help Southern Nevadans get creative and expressive in their own living rooms.

The arts can help you be active at home! Smith Center teaching artist Shaquida Vergo demonstrates simple dance steps to help families get moving.

Entertain your family with an arts game that boosts fun and creativity! Smith Center artist Rommel Pacson shows you how.

Engage your young ones at home by getting creative with songs! Smith Center teaching artist Keriann Parkes demonstrates.

Everyone could use a little clowning around right now! Enjoy this tutorial on applying clown makeup from Smith Center teaching artist and professional actor Marcus Weiss, whose career includes playing a clown with Cirque du Soleil.

Nothing helps keep home life entertaining like an impromptu vaudeville bit! Smith Center teaching artist Sarah Lowe shows how anyone can mix theater and comedy.

The performing arts can help provide an uplifting outlet! Check out the video from Smith Center teaching artist Tiffany Luce on moving with a purpose to express your feelings.

The performing arts help us connect with world cultures! In the video below, Smith Center teaching artist Angela Palmeri demonstrates Middle Eastern dance moves that can help get you moving - and even introduce you to a new art form.

Stimulate children's creativity with a fun theater game that transforms your living room into a stage! Smith Center teaching artist Kathy Ortiz demonstrates.

Seeking an activity to bond your family? All you need is a circle, star and lion! Smith Center teaching artist Kathy Ortiz works with a Vegas family to demonstrate this arts game that promotes communication and collaboration.

Think making costumes at home is too difficult? Think again! Smith Center teaching artist Shaquida Vergo demonstrates simple craft projects for a home production.

To keep the arts alive at home, take a simple children's song and turn it into a game! Smith Center teaching artist Keriann Parkes shows how.

The Smith Center’s teaching artists use art forms like music, dance and storytelling to provide educational experiences across the Southern Nevada community. In this video, teaching artist Jay Nagle demonstrates a storytelling game to keep your mind sharp.