Arts Lovers Unite with Fanfare! at The Smith Center

Supporting the Arts

Fanfare! Offers Affinity Group for Those with a Passion for the Arts

While Christina Boudell enjoyed acting with church productions in her youth, she says, she eventually had an important epiphany.

“I realized that my singing and dancing were quite terrible,” the Las Vegas native recalls.

But her love for the performing arts remained strong.

That’s why Boudell, 29, continues to immerse herself in the arts. This includes teaching social studies at an arts-integrated school, and seeing “as many shows as possible” at The Smith Center, small community theaters and her school.

“I think performing art is something that brings us together as a community,” Boudell explains. “It allows us to relate to one experience, and walk away changed.”

So when Boudell spied an ad for The Smith Center’s special Fanfare! group that asked, “do you love the arts, and would you like to explore more of your community’s arts and culture?” she knew it was for her.

After just a year as a member of Fanfare!, The Smith Center’s affinity group for individuals over 21 with a passion for the arts, Boudell says the group has enriched her life.

“That love I have (for the arts) is shared by so many others, and you’ll find that group in Fanfare!,” she says. “Our love for art and The Smith Center brings us together.”

Finding a Home with Fanfare!

Designed to connect The Smith Center with arts enthusiasts 21 and over, Fanfare! offers special opportunities to enjoy The Smith Center and Southern Nevada’s arts-and-culture scene.

Membership includes exclusive experiences at The Smith Center, discounts to select shows and invitations to cultural highlights across the community.

Boudell can list many favorite experiences so far, including the Fanfare! members attending several performances together, giving her a built-in group of fellow arts lovers to enjoy a night out with.

They also visited many Las Vegas performance venues, for a peek at behind-the-scenes operations.

“And I got to do a cartwheel on the Reynolds Hall stage, which was super cool,” Boudell notes of a special Smith Center backstage tour.

She touts the greatest benefit as meeting and bonding with a wide variety of community members.

“There are accountants, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, people from the casino and gaming industries, and performers,” Boudell says. “It’s such a neat opportunity for people from different walks of life to come together with nothing else in common than their love for the arts, and then find connections from there.”

Arts Lovers Wanted

For Southern Nevadans who enjoy the performing arts, hope to learn more about The Smith Center or want to experience shows with a fun group of people, Boudell recommends giving Fanfare! a try.

“If you want to freak out and share your stories of seeing ‘Wicked’ for the first time, or how much you tried to win the ‘Hamilton’ lottery, then Fanfare! is for you,” she says. “If you just want to be a part of a great group of people and have cool opportunities, then join.”


Fanfare! members enjoy the exclusive benefits below - for more information, email [email protected].

  • Invitations to exclusive Fanfare! events throughout The Smith Center season
  • Networking with other young individuals and the leadership of The Smith Center
  • Developing new skills with teaching artists
  • Group volunteer opportunities
  • Advance notice of shows and special ticket offers
  • Special meet-and-greet opportunities