How a Violin Prodigy Broke the Classical Mold

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Lucia Micarelli


Lucia Micarelli to Perform Classical, Folk, Rock and More

Growing up, internationally acclaimed violinist Lucia Micarelli had a unique introduction to music.

“I never listened to anything but classical until I was about 16 or 17,” admits Micarelli, whose stunning career includes performing at the Hollywood Bowl and Lincoln Center, as well as recently taping her own PBS special.

It’s not surprising that classical captivated her.

As a violin prodigy, Micarelli lived and breathed classical music from childhood, making her solo debut with the Honolulu Symphony at age 6, and attending Juilliard from 11 to 18.

“It was so cliché,” recalls Micarelli, making her anticipated return to Myron’s Cabaret Jazz on March 6 and 7. “I was the little Korean violinist in the practice rooms with her nose pressed up against the glass.”

So when she finally listened to a friend’s mix tape of classic rock, she felt stunned.

“I had never heard this stuff before,” she remembers. “That was the beginning of people showing me (different styles of) music and me being totally shocked.”

She proceeded to absorb as many musical genres as she could, spanning jazz, folk, rock, blues and soul. While attending the Manhattan School of Music, she gigged with jazz and rock bands.

She eventually had an epiphany: she could combine her lifetime of rigorous classical training with these many different styles.

“I was really determined to bridge that gap, so that I could use the technique and the training that I had received, but actually use it out in the world,” she says.


Building a Global Career

Her instincts paid off.

By applying her flawless technique to performing a vast range of styles, Micarelli’s career has soared.

Beyond her solo shows in the world’s top venues, she played the starring role of a musician in HBO show “Treme.” She performed as a featured soloist on two of Josh Groban’s world tours, and also toured as concertmaster for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

“I’ve been really lucky that, throughout my life and my career, I keep coming across super talented people who are really generous and willing to collaborate with me and show me things,” she says.


A Concert Far Beyond Classical

Micarelli’s concerts offer musical treats for all audiences, including those unfamiliar with classical.

Backed by top-tier musicians, Micarelli performs melodies across a vast range of styles, spanning Nordic folk tunes, beloved standards, fiery concertos, pop staples and beyond.

This can even include Micarelli showcasing her dazzling vocals.

“Whether it’s classical or jazz or folk tunes or me singing, I’m really just trying to compile music I feel very connected to,” she says.

She performs songs that have a strong personal significance to her, she adds — which is why she interweaves them with stories of her compelling life and career.

“It ends up like a little journey of my life with music,” she says. “Everything I play is something I really love.”


Lucia Micarelli performed at Myron’s Cabaret Jazz in March of 2020.