A photo of people enjoying a meal at a restaurant

Restaurant Sponsorship

Align your restaurant brand with a mission that your customers are passionate about, driving consumer trust and loyalty and enhance brand awareness.

Become one of The Smith Center’s preferred restaurant partners to promote your menu and special offers to patrons looking for dining options in downtown Las Vegas before or after performances.

By aligning your restaurant brand with a mission that your customers are passionate about, you can drive consumer trust and enhance brand awareness. Community involvement can also set you apart from other restaurants, as people have more incentive to support your business if you’re invested in the local community.

At The Smith Center, we aim to help you meet your needs by asking you about your goals and challenges. Through ongoing partnership, we can help you to sustainably build brand awareness and enhance your community network.

Strengthening your restaurant’s image is one of the most valuable benefits of sponsorship with The Smith Center. Other tangible benefits include:

  • Logo on The Smith Center dining partner website page, linking to partner website

  • Inclusion in all pre-show reminder emails, linking to partner website

  • Logo, website and phone number included in dedicated restaurant spread in show program

  • Opportunities to place special offers in The Smith Center’s newsletter or social media platforms

  • Recognition as a Smith Center Donor Concierge Preferred Dining Partner (recommendations, eblast, etc.)

  • Opportunity to participate in special events for Smith Center donors

Become a Sponsor