The Smith Center Hosts Inaugural Encore Society Event

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Myron Martin heard an insight from a friend recently that really got him thinking.

“She said, ‘Myron, your life is a three-act play,’” recalled Martin, president and CEO of The Smith Center, speaking to a full crowd in the center’s Mezzanine Lounge in mid-April. “It’s not until the third act that things resolve, the story comes together, the protagonist wins. You’re just starting your third act.”

This had him mulling over another thought. What would his encore be?

“We have a way to know what those bows are going to feel like, to know that we get an encore,” he assured. “Maybe it’s after the third act.”

Martin’s tale served as a fitting introduction to the event at hand: the inaugural meeting of The Smith Center’s Encore Society.

Still in its first year, this new group is comprised of a quickly growing number of individuals who donate to The Smith Center through planned giving, a form of giving that involves more coordination than a simple cash donation.

Many choose planned gifts deferred after their lifetimes, such as donations in wills and trusts, leaving a legacy that supports the arts for years after they’ve gone.

Reflecting on the nearly 20 years spent generating private and public support for The Smith Center’s creation, Martin noted that planned gifts will play a crucial role in maintaining the world-class performing arts center for generations.

“It’s wonderful to think about what the Encore Society is going to do for many people in this community, who will then have a legacy for future generations to appreciate and enjoy,” he said to the roughly 40 gathered.

Sponsored by the First Foundation, the event served as the first of many Encore Society occasions that will provide Encore Members with useful information about philanthropy and overall wealth management.

The event included a presentation by guest speaker Dr. Lee Hausner, internationally recognized business consultant and family wealth advisor.

Hausner discussed tips for maintaining wealth through ongoing family generations, emphasizing the importance of educating children on budgeting and ensuring family members share the same values.

“Every successful family is very philanthropic,” she noted.

Heather Estus, Smith Center senior gift officer, also highlighted the additional benefits Encore Society Members can enjoy, including participating in behind-the-scenes events.

She also highlighted The Smith Center’s new Financial Advisors Network (FAN), a group of professional financial advisors, including accounts, bankers, stock brokers and more, available to provide guidance on current planned giving options.

“These are all the professional people you need when you’re thinking about your encore,” Estus said.

Event attendees Judy Peatrowsky and Eric Novikoff, both Las Vegas residents in their 40s, said they look forward to attending more Encore Society meetings that will offer guidance on various financial topics as they move forward with their planned giving to The Smith Center.

“We’re looking to provide our wealth, our legacy, into something that’s going to outlast generations,” Novikoff said. “It’s going to go toward something we love, something we enjoy.”

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