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Ring In The Holidays Virtually With The Smith Center

There’s no place like home for the holidays, as the old song goes. That’s especially true this year amidst the pandemic as most families will gather individually at home instead of venturing out for large gatherings.

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Audiences Nationwide Celebrate Civil Rights Icon

The Smith Center joins dozens of other performing arts centers nationwide in hosting a virtual screening and live panel discussion of the new documentary “John Lewis: Good Trouble.” This initiative aims honor the life and legacy of one of the country's most renowned civil rights leaders: legendary U.S. Representative John Lewis.

Performances and Artists

Classical Composers with Rock Star Lifestyles

Many rock stars earn reputations for scandal and battles against society that draw just as much attention as their music. But today’s artists didn’t invent this pattern. Believe it or not, classical composers from centuries ago launched this trend. Many of the greats who penned lasting masterpieces also dabbled in conspiracies, debauchery and rebellion.

Performances and Artists

How the Las Vegas Philharmonic Found Its Home at The Smith Center

The first time Anne Mazzola saw a Las Vegas Philharmonic performance at The Smith Center, it fulfilled her childhood dream of attending a world-class concert. “When the Las Vegas Philharmonic performs at The Smith Center, it’s sheer magic,” says the Vegas resident.

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How Favorite Myron’s Cabaret Jazz Artists Are Keeping Their Groove

While Vegas headliner Frankie Moreno remains homebound with the rest of Nevada during the pandemic, that won’t stop his music. A regular performer at the 240-seat Myron’s Cabaret Jazz club at The Smith Center, Moreno continues to write and release new songs every week from his home studio.

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How Homebound Performers Stay on Their Artistic Game

Many ballet dancers find it devastating to go long periods without activity, says Roy Kaiser, director of Nevada Ballet Theatre (NBT). “They spend hours a day rehearsing,” he says. “For every week a dancer takes off, it takes two weeks for them to get back (to their athletic standard).”

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Lindsey Buckingham’s Condition for Joining Fleetwood Mac

Countless people know and worship the band Fleetwood Mac – but few likely remember Buckingham Nicks. That’s because this duo, comprised of guitarist-singer Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, didn’t exist long. Instead, it unexpectedly served as their stepping stone to joining Fleetwood Mac and bringing the group to international fame.

Performances and Artists

How Carol Burnett Landed Her Own Variety Show

Comedy icon Carol Burnett still remembers CBS executives’ response when she requested her own variety show. “The network didn’t want me to do it,” Burnett recalls. “They said the comedy variety show was a man’s game." But Burnett held her ground.

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Diving Into the Dangers of Underwater Photography

As a leading underwater photographer for National Geographic, Brian Skerry likes to recall an especially magical moment on the job. This particular assignment involved so many risks and unknowns, he worried he couldn’t pull it off. Skerry journeyed to the sub-Antarctic waters near New Zealand, to photograph newly discovered right whales never captured on camera before.