Since its founding, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts remains committed to showcasing art of every medium, spanning performances, paintings and sculptures. Throughout our 5-acre campus we feature extraordinary works of art, including gifted pieces, commissioned pieces and exhibits on extended loan from the Las Vegas Art Museum (LVAM) Permanent Collection, courtesy of the LVAM partnership with the University of Nevada, as well as from private collectors.

Retired Smith Center board member Roger Thomas was instrumental in building The Smith Center’s world-renowned art collection. As an art historian and chair of The Smith Center’s original art committee, Thomas proved instrumental in helping to select and place all of the center’s specially commissioned art pieces. Thomas always maintained that a center with the importance and integrity of The Smith Center needed to be graced with artwork of the same caliber.

The Smith Center is proud to provide the community with a visually rich environment to match the world-class music, dance and theater presented on our stages. Visitors can enjoy these vibrant artworks before taking in a performance, or while enjoying an afternoon or evening in Symphony Park.


With towering statues and eye-catching sculptures, the outdoor exhibits at The Smith Center provide an air of artistic elegance to our 5-acre campus.

Pipe Dream

Artist – Tim Bavington

A photo of Tim Bavington's Pipe DreamThis commissioned art piece by internationally renowned artist Tim Bavington stands at the east end of the center’s 2-acre Donald W. Reynolds Symphony Park, and serves as a vibrant visual centerpiece for this outdoor space. Music is the genesis of Bavington’s paintings. Through synthetic polymer paint, Bavington acts as a translator between the aural and the visual as he transforms guitar solos, melodies and bass lines into vertical bands of color. “Fanfare for the Common Man,” a 20th-century classical music work by American composer Aaron Copland, was selected by The Smith Center as the musical muse to inspire Bavington’s  sculpture. The composition was carefully selected by The Smith Center, as the piece resonates with the center’s mission to serve as an inclusive hub for community members from all walks of life.

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Fred and Mary Smith

Artist – William Behrends

A tribute to The Smith Center’s namesakes, this bronze statue of the late Fred W. and Mary B. Smith was created by nationally celebrated artist William Behrends. Fred served as chairman of The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation that provided record-setting donations totaling $150 million to the creation of The Smith Center. A commissioned piece, this uplifting statue of the smiling couple is featured at the west entrance of Reynolds Hall.

Donald W. Reynolds

Artist – William Behrends

This bronze statue honors the memory of Donald W. Reynolds, for whom the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation is named. This commissioned piece, also created by William Behrends, is situated on the south side of the center’s Donald W. Reynolds Symphony Park that also bears the philanthropist’s name. Through the gifts of the foundation borne of his successes, Reynolds’ legacy continues in perpetuity through The Smith Center, where the resplendent Reynolds Hall at the heart of the campus celebrates his memory and contribution with its name.

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Artist – Albert Paley

Placed at the west end of the center’s Symphony Park, this piece features curled, pinched, steel ribbons by New York sculptor Albert Paley. The fluid contortions provide a contrast to the rigid lines of Bavington’s marching colored columns at the opposite end of Symphony Park.

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Long before the show begins, the tone is set for our visitors when they enter The Smith Center and experience the fine art and architecture of our Grand Lobby.

Genius In Flight

Artist – Benjamin Victor

This Benjamin Victor piece stays true to The Smith Center’s overall design inspiration, the Hoover Dam. This commissioned piece draws from the dam’s well-loved Winged Figures of the Republic sculptures. Victor’s sculpture is placed prominently at the center of the Grand Lobby in Reynolds Hall. Benjamin Victor has the ability to create spectacular works of figurative sculpture. Victor joined the ranks of Michelangelo, Bernini and Daniel Chester French by receiving his first large commission at only 23 years old. At age 26, he became the youngest artist ever to have a sculpture in our nation’s foremost collection of figurative sculpture, the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capital. That bronze sculpture, which propelled his career, is the celebrated statue of Sarah Winnemucca.

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The Smith Center features a diverse collection of artistic styles throughout our campus, including commissioned pieces, works from private collections and pieces on loan to The Smith Center.

Fanfare for the Common Man

Artist – Tim Bavington

Pairing with Tim Bavington’s outdoor Pipe Dream sculpture, this commissioned art piece also by Bavington hangs on the second floor of Reynolds Hall. This canvas piece mirrors his sculpture featured on the east end of the center’s Symphony Park. 

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Artist – Shawn Hummel

Hummel’s multi-panel, 5-by-10-foot installation, leosgoldenmean, demonstrates his focus on subtleties in surfaces. His work plays with nuances of light on elements of architecture, musical instruments and custom car details. The resulting composition references the golden spiral and the Fibonacci sequence. This piece is featured in the Mezzanine Lounge within Reynolds Hall.

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Plant Lithograph Series

Artist – Ellsworth Kelly

Plant Lithograph Series (6) are featured in the Dee and Don Snyder Founders Room.

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To Wish Upon a Star

Artist – Jennifer Main

To Wish Upon a Star is on display in the Elaine Wynn Studio for Arts Education, inside Boman Pavilion. This customized piece includes the sheet music from Aaron Copland’s classical work Fanfare for the Common Man, which resonates with The Smith Center’s message to serve as an inclusive hub for community members from all walks of life.

Luminous Bloom I and II

Artist – Ed Mell

Paying homage to its strong Southwestern heritage, The Smith Center recruited painter Ed Mell to create two distinctive pieces specifically for the center. Mell’s paintings, Luminous Bloom I and Luminous Bloom II, reside within the lobby of Boman Pavilion.

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Artist – Petrena Shaw

Wilbur, a bronze pig sculpture featured in the Dee and Don Snyder Founders Room, is from the collection of the late Fred W. and Mary B. Smith, The Smith Center’s namesakes.

Mary B. Smith (1939-2010) was dedicated to her family and community. A native of Arkansas, she was also a fervent fan of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

Fritz and Lang

Artist – David Ryan

David Ryan created two wall pieces, Fritz (pictured) and Lang (not pictured), specifically designed for The Smith Center. These are prominently displayed on the upper level of Reynolds Hall and serve to welcome audiences and celebrate the performing arts. Ryan’s roughly 8-by-7-foot designs evoke a different energy than his previous work. His inspiration derives from an assortment of musical instruments. Both pieces reflect light.

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I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can and Master of Ceremonies

Artist – Miriam Schapiro

I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can (1984, pictured) and Master of Ceremonies (1985, not pictured) feature dancers in cut-out patterns that are famous of acclaimed artist Miriam Schapiro. The lively abstract qualities of these pieces maintain Schapiro’s feminist viewpoints often found in her works. (Pieces courtesy of the “Collection of Elaine Wynn”).

The Golden Age and Athanor

Artist – Robert Beckmann

Two paintings by Las Vegas-based artist Robert Beckmann are featured at The Smith Center. The Golden Age (pictured) is displayed in the east vestibule area on the Mezzanine Level of Reynolds Hall, while Athanor (not pictured) is displayed in the reception area of The Smith Center Boardroom on the second floor of Reynolds Hall.

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On Loan from the Las Vegas Art Museum Collection

As many as 26 inspiring works of art from the Las Vegas Art Museum (LVAM) Permanent Collection are on extended loan to The Smith Center, courtesy of the LVAM partnership with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Patrick Duffy, former LVAM president, together with its board of directors, were responsible for establishing a partnership with UNLV to exhibit and lend works of art from the LVAM collection. Through this very generous agreement, a variety of contemporary art pieces are on display at The Smith Center, in public and administrative spaces of Reynolds Hall and Boman Pavilion. 

The LVAM collection features important works by artists celebrated across the nation and around the world, including several artists based in Las Vegas. This provides a meaningful opportunity to share these acclaimed pieces with the public in a performing arts center that serves the whole community as a cultural hub. The pieces on display at The Smith Center include works by Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, Sol LeWitt, Larry Bell, Tim Bavington, Shawn Hummel and David Ryan. The Smith Center is honored to feature such valuable works of art from the LVAM collection.

In addition to the LVAM collection, there are 15 pieces of art at The Smith Center that were gifted by Patrick Duffy.

Artists featured:

Phillip Argent - Tim Bavington - Robert Beckmann - Larry Bell - Billy Al Bengston - Jane Callister - Eun Young Chi - Max Finklestein - Sam Francis - Shawn Hummel - Angela Kallus - Jacob Lawrence - Sol LeWitt - Roy Lichtenstein - Ed Malina - Robert Motherwell - Essie Pinsker - Matthew Radford - David Ryan - Frank Stella - Robert Tieman - Yek

About The Artists

The Smith Center features works by artists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. These include many world-renowned artists, some of whom even call Las Vegas home. Read more about the center’s celebrated contributors below.